Spectral Matter

Current exhibition Tender Presence at Penland School of Craft John and Robyn Horn Gallery until November 26th. Participating artists include $ulo Bee, Viv Chiu, Margo Csipo, J Diamond, Mattie Hinkley, Andy Lowrie, Wyatt Nester-Pasicznyk, Kento Saisho, Corey Pemberton, Hansel Tai, Scott Vander Veen, and Taylor Zarkedes


Gallery 2052

Almas Gallery

Penland Gallery

We are seeking work from talented artists for the 2023 East Carolina University Material Topics Symposium.

Humans have been ornamenting themselves with symbolic objects longer than recorded history. The oldest known ornament was located in Blombos Cave, near Cape Town in South Africa, from over 75,000 years ago. It was there, archeologists found shells with holes once strung together as a necklace or attached to clothing. Common objects such as bone, wood, clay, and natural fibers have been used as adornment for millennia, long before precious metal became available. The value we attribute to jewelry is codified by societal perceptions of material worth, preciousness, and ritual, slowly changing over time.

Material Synthesis is an exhibition which questions how society at large values ornamentation. We are seeking artists who approach adornment from a non-traditional perspective and incorporate non-precious materials, creative research, and/or stretch technique in bold and innovative ways. The call is open to students and professionals alike. Artists working in disciplines outside of jewelry and metalsmithing are welcome to apply.

Exhibition Details:

Please email all submissions to Adam Atkinson, at spectralmatterproject@gmail.com and include the following:

  • 2-3 high quality images (300 DPI or higher), one image for each piece submitted. Additional detail shots are encouraged but not required. 
  • Artist statement detailing how the work relates to the exhibition.
  • Short artist bio.

Submission Deadline: 11/25

Delivery of work-no later than December 15th to East Carolina University

Please note: If you are selected for the exhibition, shipment to and from East Carolina University will be the responsibility of the artist. The exhibition will take place during the symposium, January 12th-15th.